Flight reservations are required when applying for a Schengen, Fiancé, or Cohabitation Visa at most European embassies in Manila, Philippines. Do not buy actual flight tickets before applying, as rejection rates are pretty high for these types of visas. What's important to remember is that a flight reservation is required, and not an actual booking. Which means you don’t need to pay for the actual flights yet. You just need to reserve them with a trusted travel agency. For both Schengen and Cohabitation Visa applications, embassies require roundtrip flight reservations.

Where to make flight reservations

Travel agencies provide this service. I always book with Gazelle Travel & Tours. They issue a legitimate flight reservation which can be submitted in visa applications. Gazelle Travel & Tours is:

  • DOT Accredited (Accreditation No. TOP-R04A-00004490-2018)
  • DTI Registered
  • A member of the Rizal Travel Agencies Association (RTAA)
  • A member of Network of Independent Travel & Allied Services, Philippines (NITAS)

I have reached an agreement with them and I have a created a Google Form below where you can enter the details of your flight reservation request. Gazelle Travel & Tours will be the one to contact you.

Sample of a flight reservation:

Cost of flight reservations

Regular: ₱990 (per person)

  • Reserve up to 3 flights
  • Receive the reservation within 3 to 5 working days upon payment

Rush: ₱1,590 (per person)

  • Reserve up to 5 flights
  • Weekdays: Receive the reservation within 24 hours upon payment
  • Weekends: Receive the reservation within 48 hours upon payment

Gazelle Travel & Tours also offers Travel Insurance

They have a partnership with Standard Insurance (accredited by various Schengen Embassies, including the Belgian Embassy).
Standard Insurance offers Schengen Protect Euro 37,500 which:

  • Has a minimum coverage of €37,500
  • Is valid in all Schengen countries
  • Covers both accidental and medical causes (sickness)

Below are the premium rates:

Note: Some Schengen countries require an additional 15 days travel insurance coverage beyond travel period. Kindly check with the embassy to whom you are applying to avoid delays with the visa application.
On top of the published rates, Gazelle will charge a ₱250 service fee.Note: Once the Official Confirmation of Coverage (OCC) has been released and finalized, no amendments can be made as it is already an active travel insurance.

How to make flight reservations & buy travel insurance

  • Complete the form (below) | For flight reservations, you may choose between regular or rush service. Kindly double check your details before submitting the form.
  • Wait for Gazelle Travel & Tours to contact you | Gazelle will confirm your details with you. You will need to pay for the flight reservation before they can process your request.
  • Pay via bank deposit | Kindly indicate your mobile number on the deposit slip and e-mail a copy to Gazelle Travel & Tours.
  • Receive your flight reservation/insurance OCC | You will receive this via email.

Flight reservation & travel insurance request form

Important information

  • The published prices are per person.
  • Kindly double check all information before confirming your request with Gazelle. They can no longer amend your reservation once they give you a proof of reservation/insurance OCC. You will need to make a new request if there are mistakes in your reservation.
  • The flight reservation will be cancelled automatically. You are not obligated to use these ticket reservations, but if you choose to buy the actual flight tickets, please let Gazelle Travel & Tours know so they can book the flights for you. The cancellation dates of flight reservations differ per airline. Default cancellation is done by the airlines (not by Gazelle Travel & Tours).
  • Payment is non-refundable (even if your visa application has an unfavourable result).
  • My blog earns a small commission from the bookings at no extra cost to the customer.
  • The bookings are between customer and Gazelle Travel & Tours. I do not own Gazelle Travel & Tours, nor am I their employee. Please contact them for any queries.